Version 1.2.1 - 22th Dec 2022
  • Bugfix - now you can search for subdomains again
  • Added Yandex, ProtonMail, Zoho email providers to the list
Version 1.2 - 21th Dec 2022
  • Blacklist check button
  • If the mail service is not on the list, it does check if the MX records resolves to IP addresses (for cPanel/CyberPanel issues troubleshooting)
  • Pressing on DNS records does redirect to DNSChecker
Version 1.1 - 20th Feb 2022
  • Implemented SPF analysis
  • Fixed the search for domain names that start with a number
  • Mixed MX records analysis
  • Fixed the issue where it did not recognize Google Workspace services
  • Finally, changed the GIF with a changelog
Version 1.0 - 04th Dec 2021
  • Released